Cosmetic Surgery Leaflets

Please find a selection of patient information leaflets and resources below. Please remember that written information should only be used in conjunction with advice from your doctor or other health care professional who is looking after you.

Kinvara Private Hospital cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information contained within leaflets produced by external organisations.

Cosmetic procedures: what do I need to consider?

The General Medical Council (GMC) has produced a short guide for patients thinking about having a cosmetic procedure. The guide includes questions you may want to ask and an idea of what to expect from your doctor.

Breast enlargement information

Your surgeon will examine your breasts and may take some photographs for your medical records. They will ask you if you want to have someone with you and ask you to sign a consent form for taking, storing and using the photographs.

Your Guide to breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a very popular operation worldwide and, in recent years, the popular myth has grown up that it is a minor procedure without complications.

Your Guide to breast reduction

This booklet explains to patients who are thinking about reduction surgery what the treatment involves, including the recovery time, what benefits it brings, and what risks there are. It will help patients choose their surgeon, and to decide about having the operation when talking to their surgeon beforehand.

Your Guide to body contouring surgery after weight loss

This booklet explains to patients who are thinking about body contouring surgery and their families what the treatment involves, including the recovery time, its likely benefits, what risks there are and how to minimise those risks

Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) – what we know and what we don’t know

What is BIA-ALCL? This is a rare type of lymphoma that affects women with breast implants. It is not a cancer of the breast itself but can form on the capsule that surrounds a breast implant. In 2016 the WHO provisionally classified BIA-ALCL as a novel type of lymphoma.

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