Facelift Post-Op QPROM

Thank you for having your facelift at Kinvara Private Hospital. Please complete this short questionnaire (known as a Quality Patient-Reported Outcome Measure – QPROM).

The questionnaire should only be completed by patients that have had facelift and it will only take a few minutes.

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Date of birth

With your entire face in mind, in the past week, how dissatisfied or satisfied have you been with:

1. How symmetric your face looks?
2. How balanced your face looks?
3. How well-proportioned your face looks?
4. How fresh your face looks?
5. How your face looks at the end of the day?
6. How rested your face looks?
7. How your profile/ side view looks?
8. How your face looks when you first wake up?
9. How your face looks under bright light?

With your cheeks, lower face and neck in mind, in the past week, how much have you been bothered by:

10. Parts of your face feeling numb?
11. Tightness?
12. Parts of your face not looking smooth (eg bumpy)?
13. Parts of your face feeling sensitive to touch?
14. Tingling?
15. How your scars feel (sore, itchy, tender)?
16. Discomfort?
17. Itching?
18. How your scars look (obvious, noticeable)?
19. Pulling?
20. Swelling?
21. Parts of your face feeling hard?
22. Difficulty with face expressions (e.g., smiling)?
23. Bruising?
24. Difficulty with certain facial movements (e.g., drinking, whistling)?