Ricardo Pinheiro

Ricardo Pinheiro is an experienced Executive with hospital-wide business development and project management experience. Before joining Kinvara Hospital, Ricardo held a Director of Clinical Services post with BMIHealthcare, where amongst other projects, he led the restructuring of Theatres, the implementation of a day-case unit and the reform of the governance structure in line with CQC frameworks.

Having started his career as a Pharmacist, Ricardo has since enjoyed varied roles, allowing him the opportunity to lead 12 teams with diverse backgrounds, including an inspiring tenure managing an Oncology Centre where Ricardo gain an insight into the challenges that patients and staff face during terminal conditions.

Ricardo has also overseen a few national projects that influenced operations across the 51 BMI Healthcare hospitals. He was particularly enthusiastic about the proposal for a best-in-class digital infrastructure for hospitals.

Ricardo prioritises healthy relationships and strives to foster a working environment that supports and empowers staff. Building a culture of quality and excellence is a personal motivator. As for hobbies, Ricardo enjoys tennis, sailing and he also relishes the moments when he can travel the world. At home, however, most of his time is spent with his boisterous 5-year-old boy and temperamental 1-year-old girl; a challenge, unlike anything he has faced before

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